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MusicLab RealGuitar – VST Guitar

RealGuitar is a software driven Virtual Guitar incorporating a custom built library of recorded samples taken for every string on every fret of the 8 Guitars that RealGuitar features.

This innovative approach to sound guitar modelling enables the guitar part to be played via a keyboard.

The library samples are based on 8 Acoustic Guitars, these include a 12 String, a Nylon String, two different Steel String Guitars and a Stereo Steel String.

With these, ‘plucked’, ‘fingered’ and ‘doubling’ options are available.

MusicLab RealGuitar – VST Guitar

RealGuitarThe 8 Acoustic Guitars featured in this VST Guitar package are

Steel Picked

Steel Fingered

Nylon Picked

Nylon Fingered

Steel 2 Picked

Steel 2 Doubling

12 String

Stereo Steel

The VST can be used with a Music Sequencer and controlled by Midi data from a keyboard. Chords can be also be added to a track using the sequencers editor.

RealGuitar also has its own Pattern Manager allowing the user to create guitar accompaniment tracks.

Available in Realguitar are numerous performance enhancing options available that can be applied in real time. These can be applied in Solo, Harmony, Bass and Chord, Bass and Pick and Chord Modes.

Some of the performance effects available are Hammer on/Pull off, Tremolo, Legato Slide, Automatic fret position change and Velocity Switch articulation – to name just a few.

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