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VST Guitar Plug-ins. VST or (Virtual Studio Technology) is an interface created by Steinberg, which enables the user to simulate studio hardware – or musical instruments – with software.

These plug-ins can include all traditional hardware found in the Studio, such as Reverb, Compression, Delay, Audio Mastering to name just a few.

Also many VVST GuitarST plug-ins can create, in software, many musical instruments – Guitar, Piano, Drums, Orchestral Instruments etc – and the more sophisticated the plug-in, the more nuances and dynamics of the original instrument is able to be reproduced.

Although some VST’s can be run as stand alone software, they are generally run within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Cubase and Sonar are both prime examples of  this type of compositional music software.

When run, the VST’s display a custom graphic interface which show controls similar to the knobs and switches found on the original hardware equivalents.

If using a musical instrument VST, the graphic display also indicates some form of physical attribute of the instrument itself e.g. – guitar fret, piano keyboard etc.

VST’s offer the user many exciting opportunities to write and record their own musical compositions without having to actually own or have access to, the musical instrument or Audio effects hardware.

A keyboard player who cannot play guitar can now play realistic guitar rhythm and lead guitar via a sample based VST plug-in within their compositions, and same applies to any combination of musician or composer you can imagine.

VST Guitar

The purpose of VST Guitar is to talk about some of the various Guitar VST Plug-ins available. Each post will include several videos showing the VST Guitar plug-in, in action.

These will include:

For the non Guitarist – VST guitar plug-ins which can emulate, via audio samples, many guitar sounds and styles, including rhythm and lead.

For the Guitarist – plug-ins in which the player can simulate a huge range of guitar effects and Cabinets, in real time, via some form of interface with their computer.


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